Summative Entry – Thank you.

I would like to start out by saying, I love literature. I always have, even back in Vietnam. However, the method of teaching there did not suit me, as I lost my own voice and was unable to express my interpretation the way I wanted to. Here, in Australian Literature unit, not only did I get to open myself to new and different authors and literature works, I found my voice again. I found my love for literature again.

Starting from my first blog, I was afraid about how I would write it. Not because I did not know how to write, but rather how to make it fit with everybody else. That was what I was taught, to follow a single line if you want to get high marks. Nonetheless, following my own tuition was the best decision I made. The blog got overwhelming feedback and a lot of people enjoyed reading, because I was giving them a perspective they did not have. That’s when I realized, instead of hiding my difference, I should embrace it and share it with everyone. If I can summarize my blogs, it would be: different.

That was the theme for my next blogs, to try and express a different view on the matter. Of course, I could have followed the majority and made it easier for myself, but I wanted a challenge, and this weekly blog assignment was the perfect challenge.

Even though I have yet to know any of these authors prior to taking the course, it is amazing how much I found myself relating to a lot of their work. Especially Kim Scott’s “That Deadman Dance” and how all the characters in the story represented a different side of my own personality.

I believe that my perspective on these works is a perfect representation of me, a unique being not afraid of being different. This is just the start, as I still have long way to go. However, I am grateful to have been given such an opportunity to express myself. I am looking forward to the next semester and the challenges that come along with it.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who have viewed my blog and gave me such wonderful constructive criticism. I am better than I was before because of you.

Thank you.