Peer review 7


This is an amazing poem. You picked up where Les Murray left off so perfectly. I am in love with your first two stanzas and how beautiful you depicted the animals. This is short and to the point. It isn’t unnecessarily long and you made it very clear the message you were trying to portray. I especially love the last sentence, “This curiosity and greed of consumption are what drives it after all.”, because it is so haunting yet so true. Great job overall!

Peer review 6

“Week 9, Post #7”

I love how you paid attention to the details and managed to find similarities between 3 quite different works. Your layout also made it easy for me to follow. There isn’t much for me to talk about because you hit the nail right on the head about Patrick White. Overall, this is a fascinating read. Keep up the great work.

Peer review 5

“Entry 3”

I find your understanding of the painting quite interesting. You paid attention to even the slightest of details & explained them so thoroughly. I also like the fact that at the end you expressed that the painting is open to interpretation & your blog is just one of many. I didn’t notice at first how the aboriginals were actually wearing “white people clothes”, stripped away of all the things that made them, well, them. I would like to add about that the little girl in the middle. To be stripped off of her heritage at such a young age, an age where she barely had any understanding about herself or where she came from, is such a devastating thing, in my opinion. I think Drysdale put her right in the middle with a purpose.
There’s not much that’s wrong with your entry & I find it a very interesting read.

Peer review 4

“A fine line”

This is such a great read. You’ve used your outlook on life to give a thorough and detailed perspective on Gilmore’s poem & I’m curious to read more. I honestly did not want this to end. There’s hardly any flaws to point out, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. You’ve done a really nice job explaining all the different layers to the poem, as this isn’t just about one woman but a representation of women worldwide and what they had to endure time and time again.
I truly enjoyed reading your blog.

Peer review 2

“Oz Lit – Blog 2”

This is a short but informative take on your understanding of the topic. However, it would be nice if you were able to dig a little deeper into Noonuccal’s work because I feel you have yet to see the entire picture. Another thing, I feel as if this is just your answer to the topic, not an actual blog about the topic.
All in all, there is not much else I can say as there isn’t much needed to fix. This was a good read but as I have mentioned, it would be nice if there were more.

Peer review 1

“My experience in OZ Lit – Entry 1”

This feels more like a short review of the novel rather than about what you’ve gained from it. Furthermore, it feels a bit rushed, you didn’t seem to have done a lot of research on the book. I suggest you spend more time to read the rest of the novel so as to gain more insight and achieve a more personal understanding and deeper connection to the novel. Overall, I think it is a good read but it’s not quite there yet.