Peer review 4

“Week 7 Blog Post: Art Gallery, creative” Hey Victoria, I love this entry! You did a really great job describing the painting as well as allowing me, the reader, to step inside and experience the scenery. You also expressed the message behind it beautifully, which is to emphasize the beauty of nature as well as […]

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Peer review 2

“Blog Three. Charles Dickens.” Hi Annabelle, this is quite a nice read! I do see a bit of Dickens in your story but not much, which is fine because what fun is in imitating someone else entirely. What I got from your story is a vibrant suburban where everyone is different as well as lively, which is […]

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Peer review 1

“2/Briefly say how the ideas in “Expostulation & Reply” & “The Tables Turned” have helped you to understand Romanticism” Hey Joshua, this is a really great entry. Very informative and I like that you are very inspired by the Romantic era. I also like that you make everything broad and clear so it is easy to […]

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