Blog 9 – Magnified

“This play, while mocking deeply at the tribal customs of the late Victorians, has, at its heart, a wish to point the human race in the right direction: away from fraud, hypocrisy and such indecent preoccupation with material realities.” – Michael Griffith. Write whether you agree or disagree with the last paragraph in this blog. […]

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Blog 7 – Trés

CRITICAL In your own words explain what you sense is the real difference between the fictional worlds of George Eliot, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. What makes Jane Austen stood out from Dickens and Eliot is the fact that she did not follow the mold. “Emma” was written during the Romantic era but it broke […]

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Blog 3 – Tainted Black

CRITICAL rite a brief critical appraisal of what you think Dickens’s main complaints are about Coketown- from the passage we explored in tutorials today. Coketown, as described by Dickens, is a monotonous suburb created for working and only that. The most mentioned colors are dark heavy tones, smudged by the blackness of coal. The town […]

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Blog 2 – To each their own

CRITICAL: It has been said about Jane Austen that she is basically trying to show her readers how they should live their lives. Do you agree with this statement? “Be who you are, but before you do that, make sure who you are is somewhat good” – Katya Zamolodchikova, UNHhhh, 2016 None of us ever […]

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