Blog 2 – Her

CREATIVE: Write a paragraph beginning with Emerson’s line “In the woods too, a man casts off his years… In the woods is perpetual youth.” (Nature Chapter 1)
Collage by me

In the woods too, a man casts off his years… In the woods is perpetual youth. In the woods is freedom. Freedom from judgement, freedom from expectations, freedom from my internalized freedom. Free from the perfect man staring back at me that I know I can never aspire to be. Free of mind, connecting with the gushing wind, the determined streams, the vibrant creatures of Mother Nature. Such helped me forget and stripped me naked of the suffocating expectations of human society.

Youth is a potentially dangerous concept. You try your best to lose it but long for its return once it’s gone. I gave you all my youth because I believed you would have at least shared a part of yours to me. Sorry that I’m too clingy. Sorry that I’m not attractive enough. Sorry my skin is of an unflattering shade. Sorry I lost all respect for myself to let you treat me the way you did. Sorry I was not the person I tried to portray. Sorry I had flaws. Sorry I didn’t let you say you got bored. I just needed to go.

In the woods too, a man casts off his fears… In the woods is unconditional love. I leave my ghost in my apartment and share my body with the fuchsia sunset. She requires nothing from me for materials are of no use to Her. She respects me and I respect Her. Her friends are free and accepting. They care for none of my persona, only for the child inside. You didn’t like the child. He reminded you of you and your flaws. You didn’t like you.

I am not Her. I could never be Her. Furthermore, She doesn’t expect me to be like Her. She expects nothing from me, for I have always been enough. I did not need to look anywhere for I have always been there. My youth is a trinket to you. To Her, it is a gift. To me, it is now a gift. To me, my youth is now cherished.


2 thoughts on “Blog 2 – Her

  1. Hey Jamie,

    I absolutely love ‘Her’. It appears that you have put in some sincere time and reflective energy into this creative post. The photo collage makes this piece all the more vivid. The line “freedom from my internalized freedom” caught my attention. I love your play with words, your sophisticated manipulation of the language and appropriation of Emerson’s writing. I noticed you used a lot of personal pronouns (my, I) and misused certain prepositions e.g. “shared a part of yours to me” rather than, “shared a part of yours with me”. I’m no expert, but I did notice this sounded like a hiccup upon reading the post.
    There is so much depth in this blog, I have revised multiple times and still find it fascinating!
    Well done. I look forward to reading more from you.

    All the best!



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