Peer review 8

“#7 A Letter to Godfrey Cass”

Hi Annaliese,
I love this letter of yours. You read my mind completely because this is how I also felt about Godfrey. To him, it was all about materials and money, but we should take into consideration maybe that’s how he was raised, not how he truly was as a person. Perhaps, if Eppie was raised with the same values, she would have turned out differently as well, therefore we can’t truly judge Godfrey for his sense of judgement, because he did take his daughter into consideration, just not fully. What we can judge him for is his inability for sympathy. Even though Eppie is his daughter by blood, Silas was the one to raise her into an adult. Godfrey would be willing to offer his materialistic worth to gain Eppie back without realizing it is something you have to earn, and I don’t think he ever had to earn for anything in his life. I love that you pointed out the wrong in Godfrey’s way, but in a sympathetic manner like you really wanted him to change into a better person. This is great entry.


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