Blog 8 – White night

You are stuck in a snow storm (or a sand storm), or you are lost in the bush. Describe your last moments. How will you react?

I had never been surrounded by so much white in my life. White sky, white ground, white trees, trapped in a white car in the middle of nowhere, out of fuel to run any further. My phone couldn’t get any signal, the thick snow was interfering with my GPS, and the snow was slowly covering the windows, blinding my vision. At the very least I was in my warm clothes. It felt like being in a coffin with your eyes wide open, and you can see yourself being buried. For the first time, I had no way out. I didn’t know where I was. I lost control of the wheel and spiraled out of control. When I woke up all I saw was white. The only things I had to keep me company was my own thoughts, and Simba. I bet he’s grateful for that cage now. He never liked it, I guess he’s claustrophobic. I wouldn’t know for sure, I never had time to had him checked out. I never had much time for him. The only day I could take him to the vet was today, and I got us stranded. I hadn’t lost all hope, because there were enough snacks in the cabin for both of us for the day. Might as well wait this storm out.

I let Simba out of the cage and cuddle him for warmth. I put on some music to pass the time, and in hopes to catch someone’s attention. Simba really liked Britney Spears. As he should, since I put her music on blast everytime I got home. One of the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere is there’s no noise complaint, but I guess I didn’t consider the scenario of getting stranded. He felt asleep before me, and I dozed off right after. When I woke up, he moved to the back seat, still asleep. I tried to open the door to see the outside. The storm was over, the snow built up to my ankle so there was no chance to get this car anywhere. I guess I hit something because there were scratches on the door. Oh well. I heard car engines from afar, so I walked towards it. I kept the music on for Simba, and for me to find my way back. It took me about 5 minutes to reach the road, and I got enough signal to call for help. Turned out I had driven off the road and into the woods, but it was too dark and snowy for me to tell.

My life is so boring not even getting stuck in the snow could be exciting.


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