Peer review 6

“Blog post Week 9”

Hi Sibel,
I like your approach to the topic. However, I feel it would be better to refer to Silas’s story as an actual experience in the set environment, rather than something from a book you read. This is a creative entry after all, so perhaps you could have put yourself as a character inside the same universe as Silas, and the letter would come to him as a result of you having heard about the experience. For example, instead of saying you had read about him, implying that another person wrote about him, you could have said that you were a bypasser that heard about what happened and was inspired and felt compelled to reach out to him. That is what I would have done to give the “letter” a more authentic feel. In addition, you might want to pay attention to a few errors, such as “you trusted her own”=”you trusted her” and “vis versa”=”vice/vise versa”. This was a nice read. Good job!


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