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In your own words explain what you sense is the real difference between the fictional worlds of George Eliot, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

What makes Jane Austen stood out from Dickens and Eliot is the fact that she did not follow the mold. “Emma” was written during the Romantic era but it broke the mold for Romanticism, therefore she became a pioneer of the genre. Emma achieved her happy ending, but it was a difficult road for her to get there. In addition, Austen never moved the spotlight away from Emma through the entire story. Even when it was about the other characters, there was still a glimpse of Emma. Such can be symbolic for how society viewed a person of her status at the time, always in the center, the talk of the town and gawked at with a magnifying lens. She was always under pressure from those around her, unlike Silas Marner and Sissy Jupe. Emma never had to endure prison or grow up in a dysfunctional foster family, but she walked her own winding road and ultimately reached the end.

Charles Dickens was more than just a great writer, he was a sensational storyteller that took his readers on a journey with him. Personally, it was hard for me to get through “Hard Times”, hence the title. However, that is not a stab at his style of writing, but to compliment Dickens’ commitment. Coketown was a bland monotonous suburb where everybody was a copy of each other, and there was nothing but fact. His use of long sentences and dull description of colors played along into giving readers an authentic experience of the town itself. Emma had a difficult journey but the readers were standing by observing, whereas they would need to follow Sissy till the very end to truly appreciate “Hard Times”. This is not a feel-good, light-hearted read but rather a representation of society in the past. It is not as intense as the rollercoaster that is Silas’s life, it feels more like swimming against a lazy river, and that is exactly the point.

Silas Marner had an eventful adventure throughout his life, with a surprise waiting at every corner. After enduring prison for 16 years, he had to have his gold stolen from him and lost everything in order to gain the only thing he ever needed. Eppie was the Gold that made the journey all worthwhile. Eliot also developed her characters and helped them develop into better versions of themselves. Silas has become a selfless father figure that was willing to let his daughter pursue her own happiness. Eppie matured to a wonderful lady with a clear outlook on life and towards her future goals. In the end, they rejected materials for dignity and affection. This is definitely a more light-hearted read compared to the other two stories.


One thought on “Blog 7 – Trés

  1. I appreciate very much what you have said about Austen here. Here stand against the mood of her times makes her very special. I am glad you have learnt so much from each of these authors!!


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