Peer review 5

“Blog 6 – Does the education system weaken one’s creativity?”

Hi Suzanne,
This is a very good idea that you raised. This situation is very evident in the education system in my home country. From 10th grade, all artistic subjects are cut out of the curriculum and rarely do the schools give students with artistic talent a chance to strive. As a student that was interested in art, high school was very difficult for me. The only way I could get in touch with my artistic side was through doodling sketches and singing to myself because there was rarely any contest or after school club for me to join. Therefore this topic is also very important to me and I am glad you explained it so well. My only concern is that this entry does not seem to link with any of our lessons this week. It definitely has a scholar element which I guess can probably be connected to Arnold’s “Scholar Gypsy”, but even that is a far strech. Other than that, I enjoyed your blog.


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