Blog 4 – Family of freaks

CREATIVE You are Sissy Jupe. In a short paragraph tell Louisa what it has been like living in a circus for most of your life. Tell her what you have enjoyed and what your relationships have been like with other people in the circus.

*Disclaimer: this is a creative dialogue, and all the characters mentioned are from my imagination*

During Louisa’s recovery, Sissy opened up to her about her past in the circus.

“I’m happy and grateful for having a home, and to share it with you, Louisa, I truly do. Do I miss the circus? Of course I do. I would do anything to go back. It may seem strange to you, the world I grew up in, chaotic and disorganized, but that is the world that made me who I am today. You and I are brought up in two opposite worlds, and for that, the philosophy that shaped you will never be valid to me entirely, as would mine to you. I come from the land of imagination and spontaneity, but that does not mean I fail to look at life as it is. It is quite the opposite, for my circus friends are those that taught me about life. Mr. Bender, the most flexible man I had ever known, was a dear friend and a man with great wisdom. The Mirror Twins, Mandy and Sandy, oh such mesmerizing ladies! If only you were able to see them perform, how they perfectly synchronize with each other as if they were one. The crowd used to go crazy for them. They were from Coketown you know, two orphans taken under Mr. Sleary’s wings and blossoming into one of his best acts. Pat the Cat Whisperer, how could I forget him! All the children attending the shows love him so, how he controls his feline friends and perform unimaginable tricks. His most mind-boggling performance, The Ring of Fire, where he commands them to jump through moving fire hoops, still confuses me to this day. He would never tell me the secret to that act, but I did not mind, for I was close to his cats very much. They were all so friendly and talented. And lastly, Mr. Sleary, I will forever be grateful for his kindness, caring for me when my father was no longer with me. I know you may see us as a laughing stock, but we were performers, entertainers, and a family who cared for each other very much. I wish them the best, and I dream of meeting everyone again every day.”


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