Peer review 4

“Week 7 Blog Post: Art Gallery, creative” Hey Victoria, I love this entry! You did a really great job describing the painting as well as allowing me, the reader, to step inside and experience the scenery. You also expressed the message behind it beautifully, which is to emphasize the beauty of nature as well as […]

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Blog 5 – Lightning flow

Select any one painting explored today and describe it creatively in either prose or verse, bringing all its details into focus. During our visit at the Art Gallery of NSW, I was immediately captivated by Eugene von Guérard’s paintings of nature, not just by the unbelievable details but by the message behind them. My personal […]

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Blog 4 – Family of freaks

CREATIVE You are Sissy Jupe. In a short paragraph tell Louisa what it has been like living in a circus for most of your life. Tell her what you have enjoyed and what your relationships have been like with other people in the circus. *Disclaimer: this is a creative dialogue, and all the characters mentioned […]

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Peer review 2

“Blog Three. Charles Dickens.” Hi Annabelle, this is quite a nice read! I do see a bit of Dickens in your story but not much, which is fine because what fun is in imitating someone else entirely. What I got from your story is a vibrant suburban where everyone is different as well as lively, which is […]

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Blog 3 – Tainted Black

CRITICAL rite a brief critical appraisal of what you think Dickens’s main complaints are about Coketown- from the passage we explored in tutorials today. Coketown, as described by Dickens, is a monotonous suburb created for working and only that. The most mentioned colors are dark heavy tones, smudged by the blackness of coal. The town […]

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