Peer review 1

“2/Briefly say how the ideas in “Expostulation & Reply” & “The Tables Turned” have helped you to understand Romanticism” Hey Joshua, this is a really great entry. Very informative and I like that you are very inspired by the Romantic era. I also like that you make everything broad and clear so it is easy to […]

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Blog 2 – To each their own

CRITICAL: It has been said about Jane Austen that she is basically trying to show her readers how they should live their lives. Do you agree with this statement? “Be who you are, but before you do that, make sure who you are is somewhat good” – Katya Zamolodchikova, UNHhhh, 2016 None of us ever […]

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Blog 1 – Blessed

CREATIVE “Resolution and Independence” is Wordsworth’s poem on how his depression lifted after seeing the “Resolution and Independence” of the leech gatherer. Do you have a memory of a moment in your life where your mood changed suddenly for the worst but how something else came and brought a smile back to your face? I […]

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