Peer review 1

“2/Briefly say how the ideas in “Expostulation & Reply” & “The Tables Turned” have helped you to understand Romanticism”

Hey Joshua, this is a really great entry. Very informative and I like that you are very inspired by the Romantic era. I also like that you make everything broad and clear so it is easy to keep up. My only minor suggestion is that you might want to use incorporate some visual elements into your entries just so that it would look more appealing to readers. All in all, great job!

Blog 2 – To each their own

CRITICAL: It has been said about Jane Austen that she is basically trying to show her readers how they should live their lives. Do you agree with this statement?


“Be who you are, but before you do that, make sure who you are is somewhat good” – Katya Zamolodchikova, UNHhhh, 2016

None of us ever has the right to tell other individuals how to live their lives, that is correct. However, there is a difference between being controlling and pointing out the wrong. The novel is literally about disapproving Emma’s behavior of manipulation while trying to help her see her true potential to grow as a person. I disagree entirely with the statement, because Jane Austen was not trying to force her ideas of life upon her readers, but instead showed them how to rise above the stereotypes and take control for their own lives. Emma at the beginning was not her authentic self, but the embodiment of expectations from society. Even though her matchmaking plans were with good intentions, it was still a serious violation of trust. As the story progressed, with the help of Mr. Knightley, she eventually realized the consequences of her action and turned over a new leaf, quite impressively. Personally, Emma being able to transform and progress is a healthy example of how an individual can rise above their environment and take control of their lives. Granted, she was never poor physically, but psychologically, she grew up without a mother’s love and the only one that could provide that for her, Miss Taylor, could only do so in a limited amount of time. In addition, her family stood quite high in the social hierarchy at the time, meaning she had been under a large amount of pressure from the outside naturally. Such circumstances can very much break a person and lead them astray. However, Emma rose and became a much better version of herself, the version Mr. Knightley knew for sure was there since the beginning.

Blog 1 – Blessed

CREATIVE “Resolution and Independence” is Wordsworth’s poem on how his depression lifted after seeing the “Resolution and Independence” of the leech gatherer.
Do you have a memory of a moment in your life where your mood changed suddenly for the worst but how something else came and brought a smile back to your face?
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Drawing by self.

I am quite close to my family. Now that I have moved out, it takes much more effort to contact and stay close to them. However, not one day goes by that I do not think about them. They are the reason I am here. They are my motivation. We are by no means a rich family, but I was still lucky enough to have a childhood, get a proper education, loved and even spoiled every day of my life. I cannot ask for anyone else better. It is tough living on my own, in a different continent, a different community, having to provide for myself. There have been many times I have been broken down but I never gave up thanks to their words of encouragement. My parents support me every step of the way, my sisters give me inspiration, my aunt teaches me her wisdom, and my cousins love me an incredible amount. Thinking about them standing behind me every step of the way, pushing me forward puts a smile on my face. Not everyone is blessed enough to have such a supportive family, and I am one of the lucky few that gets to wear that as a badge of pride.


A stanza from Woodworth’s “Resolution and Independence” connected with me deeply:

“My whole life I have lived in pleasant thought,

As if life’s business were a summer mood;

As if all needful things would come unsought,

To genial faith, still rich in genial good;”

I feel that this perfectly describes me, as I am with little worry and always enriched in a spiritual sense, because I know I will never have to walk on this earth and go through the ups and downs of life alone, not when I still have my family with me.