Blog 7 – White Eyes

Create a topic of your own that links into the readings this week and that includes some reference to your own personal experience.


I find myself in a situation quite similar to that of Patrick White. As someone who has only spent months in Australia, I can imagine his experience coming back after such a long time. His quirky writing style makes me think deeply about the tiniest of details and dig through all the layers to get to the real meaning of things.

My favorite work of White is “Miss Slattery and her Demon Lover” as it is a representation of the partying scene in Australia, which is something I see almost every night coming back from work. It is not at all my intention to be judgmental, but once I have seen people vomiting by the sidewalk, girls carrying high heels in their hands while walking barefoot & drunk, guys doing drugs & crying in corners of buildings, I start to think the story was an understatement. However, Miss Slattery & Tibby Szabo’s sleazy encounter is just a thin cover hiding the depth beneath, which is the intimate connection they both experienced afterwards. I also got to thinking what forced them to do all those things they did. Those people I saw, they are just as nice, horrible and ordinary as I am. How hard or excruciating must their life be for them to resort to alcohol and drugs to help them reach a level of euphoria easily mistaken for peace of mind? Of course, I would not want to involve those who enjoy going to clubs and drinking healthily and responsibly. I am only talking about those going to the extreme, hurting themselves to, ironically, take the pain the away. What is also interesting is even though this story takes place in 1961, it is still an appropriate representation of today’s society. It just goes to show how talented Patrick White is, as his works transcend time.

Patrick White’s work is his way of interpreting his surroundings, and I felt quite honored being able to see the world through his eyes.


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