Summative Entry – Thank you.

I would like to start out by saying, I love literature. I always have, even back in Vietnam. However, the method of teaching there did not suit me, as I lost my own voice and was unable to express my interpretation the way I wanted to. Here, in Australian Literature unit, not only did I... Continue Reading →


Blog 8 – Green Inferno

Take the first line of any of the poems that we have looked at today and write your own poem based on the idea in the line you have chosen. Inspired by Les Murray's "The Cool Green" Money just a means to our ends? Or a slippery slope leading to our end?   Working nine... Continue Reading →

Peer review 7

"Purpose" This is an amazing poem. You picked up where Les Murray left off so perfectly. I am in love with your first two stanzas and how beautiful you depicted the animals. This is short and to the point. It isn't unnecessarily long and you made it very clear the message you were trying to... Continue Reading →

Blog 7 – White Eyes

Create a topic of your own that links into the readings this week and that includes some reference to your own personal experience. I find myself in a situation quite similar to that of Patrick White. As someone who has only spent months in Australia, I can imagine his experience coming back after such a... Continue Reading →

Peer review 6

"Week 9, Post #7" I love how you paid attention to the details and managed to find similarities between 3 quite different works. Your layout also made it easy for me to follow. There isn't much for me to talk about because you hit the nail right on the head about Patrick White. Overall, this is... Continue Reading →

Blog 6 – Blood Orange

Write a short creative or critical piece that is inspired by any of the works that we have looked at this week (in lectures & tutorials). Inspired by John Shaw Neilson's "The Orange Tree" The 10-year-old me would be terrified of me now. He would not even recognize me. I can't blame him. I've changed. We all... Continue Reading →

Peer review 5

"Entry 3" I find your understanding of the painting quite interesting. You paid attention to even the slightest of details & explained them so thoroughly. I also like the fact that at the end you expressed that the painting is open to interpretation & your blog is just one of many. I didn't notice at... Continue Reading →

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