Blog 5 – Feminist

  With reference to Mary Gilmore’s “Eve Song”, what is the meaning and force of the repeated phrase “I span and Eve span”? What  makes this poem so striking is the fact it even existed at all. In the 1890s, when women were still perceived as objects bound to men, the idea that any women, let... Continue Reading →


Peer review 4

"A fine line" This is such a great read. You've used your outlook on life to give a thorough and detailed perspective on Gilmore's poem & I'm curious to read more. I honestly did not want this to end. There's hardly any flaws to point out, but it wouldn't matter anyway. You've done a really... Continue Reading →

Blog 4 -Painted with words

Looking at these two poems describing a natural scene (“A Mid-Summer Noon…” & “Bell-Birds”, say what you think each poet values and how they differ in their appreciation and their expression. As an art student, I have always tried my best to capture the slightest of details in my work as to make it as... Continue Reading →

Peer review 3

"Mid 19th C OZ Poetry" This is a very detailed and great read. Your interpretation of the poems gave me new insights I had never thought of. I quite enjoyed the way you expressed the contrast between these two works. The down side to this blog is that visually, it is quite bland. You should try... Continue Reading →

Blog 3 – Come Together

Describe the impact on you of ONE of the paintings viewed on our tour- talk about how it has opened up your understanding of the key issues in the period we are studying! This is a painting in 1905 by Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo called "Poverty makes strange bedfellows". It is currently being displayed in the New... Continue Reading →

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