Blog 2 – Overlooked & Overdue

Write a poem or piece of creative prose that expresses your sense of how we should “grow” our relationship to indigenous Australians?

Our heart shows we are one

Yet our actions says otherwise

Is it really for the better

If the cost is our brother’s demise?

Their crops and land, we took

Their home and mountain, despite their cries

We vowed to protect all beings

As long as it’s convenient to our lies

We mistreat life’s creation

Then hung their heads up like a prize.


Is it too late now to say sorry?

For taking your accomplishments for granted

What do you mean this is all necessary?

Is the future any brighter than intended?

Who else is there to blame?

Open your eyes, there’s no victory

“Look at the savage with their barbaric lifestyle”,

Said hypocrites blinded by the filter in their selfies.


Fellow civilians, who’s the barbaric one?

We owe our forefathers an apology.



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