Peer review 2

“Oz Lit – Blog 2” This is a short but informative take on your understanding of the topic. However, it would be nice if you were able to dig a little deeper into Noonuccal’s work because I feel you have yet to see the entire picture. Another thing, I feel as if this is just your […]

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Blog 2 – Overlooked & Overdue

Write a poem or piece of creative prose that expresses your sense of how we should “grow” our relationship to indigenous Australians? Our heart shows we are one Yet our actions says otherwise Is it really for the better If the cost is our brother’s demise? Their crops and land, we took Their home and […]

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Peer review 1

“My experience in OZ Lit – Entry 1” This feels more like a short review of the novel rather than about what you’ve gained from it. Furthermore, it feels a bit rushed, you didn’t seem to have done a lot of research on the book. I suggest you spend more time to read the rest of […]

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Blog 1 – My Deadman Dance

Describe in a short paragraph the single most important insight or understanding that has come to you from your study of literature this week: Oz Lit, 19th C, or Shakespeare. If you can, say also, why your personal history has led you to this insight or understanding. Back in Vietnam, I had the joy of experiencing […]

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